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14 August 2011

Nori Rolls

One of my favorites meals and particularly with Coconut
"Rice" (Jicama)...

Creates: 10 Rolls, 60 pieces
Prep Time: 20 minutes

Tools Required: Food Processor

Coconut "Rice"
1 small to medium sized Jicama*
1 Tbsp coconut butter

Peel and process jicama to rice size granules. Add to mixing bowl and
stir in coconut butter. Makes 4-6 cups.

Nori Rolls

10 sheets dried nori*
4-6 cups coconut "rice"
1 medium cucumber, julienned lengthwise
2 Tbsp liquid aminos (veg based soy sauce)

Place 2 Tbsp "rice" on one end of sheet of nori. Top with cucumber
slices. Roll to seal. (I use a little dish of warm water and my
fingers to blot water along the edge to create a good seal).

Slice roll into 6 even pieces, or as preferred for desired size.
Continue rolling all 10 sheets.

Plate and serve with dipping bowl filled with liquid aminos.

Additions: avocado, sesame seeds, curry paste or powder, jalepenos

* a starchy and crisp Mexican root vegetable with a flavor resembling
the cross between a mild apple and potato. Found in most grocers.

* sun-dried seaweed pressed into sheets and used for rolling sushi.
Found in the Asian food isle of most grocers.

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