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Sara Londono Sulkin, Health as a Choice Health Coaching

21 January 2011

Sustainable Energy

We hear a lot about renewable resources and sustainable energy when it comes to powering our homes, watering our lawns and fueling our vehicles. Let's chat about fueling our body.

Consider a daily diet of substantial intake of food regardless of what it is, in order to satiate & fulfill the bodily cravings.

Also consider a daily intake of natural, whole foods providing efficient nutritents to the body and mind on a cellular level, due to ease of absorption and assimilation.

It seams the sustainability factor comes into play when looking at our ability to continually provide the body with appropriate quality and quantity of foods, during the seasons, for long term wellbeing, along with ensuring abundant supply of these ingredients and reliance on an eco system that supports these nutritional habits.

Supporting local growers, "eating the seasons" and adopting habits of living in harmony with nature would all seem to contribute to sustainability. It would also lead me to believe that a reduction in carbon footprint is an obvious benefit, simply for choosing naturally.

Food for thought.

On a personal note, after a nice workout this morning, I created a shake with bananas, raw cacao nibs, almonds and water, followed by a chaser of hemp seed oil. Twelve hours later, I am as alert and focused as when I started the day.

I appreciate the beauty of natural whole, raw foods for truly satiating the body and providing the necessary nutritional requirements for healthy cellular growth and rejuvination for a sound mind and body.

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