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Sara Londono Sulkin, Health as a Choice Health Coaching

04 August 2011

Today's post workout shake of choice

After a refreshing, albeit quite brief maintenance workout today, I enjoyed a replenishing smoothie that both nourishes and replenishes.

1 scoop Vega Whole Food Optimizer (perfect blend of vegan plant-based proteins for smooth absportion of amino acids - building blocks of protein - along with adaptogens, immune supporters and acidophilus for healthy intestinal flora. More on this later)
4 leaves kale
1/4-1/2 t celtic sea salt (awesome for electrolyte balance when dulse or coconut water are not around!)
5 honey dates
1 T Hempola Omega Supreme hempseed oil

Blend well and enjoy within 45 minutes to one hour after workout. Follow up within the next 2-3 hours with a beautiful green leafy salad, topped with a variety of your favorite fresh fruits, herbs, vegetables, avocado or favorite raw oils such as hemp or coconut and raw seeds, again such as hemp.

Daily tip: The perfect basis for a healthy nutritional profile always stems from pre-planning and having the right snack and meal choices on hand. Vega provides a great meal to ensure you receive all essential vitamins, minerals along with amino acids, essential fatty acids and carbohydrates. Green leafy vegetables are a staple in a plant based diet and provide the truest, most wholesome nutrition around. Enjoy some today in your next salad or smoothie!

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