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Sara Londono Sulkin, Health as a Choice Health Coaching

21 January 2010

The joy of love

In this season of cool, crisp weather, warmth in our hearts and growth of a new year upon us, may we embark on a path that serves. Here are a few tips to bring more fulfillment into our lives through the daily practice of mindful purpose:

1/ Enjoy times with family, friends & loved ones. Cherish the moments in sharing together in all activities. Talk about your daily joys, goals, lives and serve one another in heartfelt purpose.

2/ Walk. Be in nature and reconnect with your true source of inspiration, love, value, wealth, richness and wellbeing. Sunshine always brings a smile, warmth and a brightness to our step!

3/ Meditate daily, either in the morning upon rising or in the evening before settling into bed. A calming practice of focusing on stillness and connection with breath brings focus and attention, relaxation, joy and heartfelt gratitude.

4/ Read a book you enjoy. With many wonderful writers, scriptures, inspirational works available, invest your time wisely in a good book that inspires, motivates and aligns you with your dreams and aspirations. A few minutes a day with a good book is a good practice and allows us to connect with like-minds and share in the thoughts of  great masters.

5/ Worship. In a contemporary society our practice of worship includes a rest, a warm bath, preparing a nice meal with & for loved ones, blessing a meal, thanking the sun for shining upon us and sharing inspiring stories with others. There are many ways to worship and through our positive intentions we spread good harmony and peace around the world

Thank you for reading today's posting, from my heart to yours. It is in these current times that coming together to share from our truest selves and deep within our hearts that we grow into the shining paradise we are creating daily.

May you enjoy a day of mindful purpose, joy, growth, peace and understanding.

Many blessings,

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