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21 November 2009

Pure Nourishment

I just received my organic bin and inside it a beautiful gift....the latest edition of Vista Magazine! Filled with inspiring articles and information that will truly benefit our daily lives, I am inspired to share from an article written by Brendan Brazier, a vegan professional triathlete, the founder of Vega and bestselling author on performance nutrition.

Brendan recommends supplementing the body with sustainable nourishment from plant based sources and discusses the appropriate time and place for stimulation.  He clarifies that over stimulation results in adrenal stress whereas nourishment provides adrenal support. Those in a continual momentum of short term stimulation via caffeine and sugary foods bring added stresses to adrenals where as a healthy nutritional profile of plant based, alkalizing foods contributes to long term, sustainable energy for healthy, balanced performance. What is the right time for stimulation then? Brendan states that knowing the right time key. A large project that leads to definite progress, aspirations, athletic performance competition or an activity that will boost your goals to the next level are examples. 

For the long term and with just a few simple steps each day, one can truly enjoy an energizing lifestyle supported by sustainable nutrition. Brendan recommends a daily nutrient dense smoothie that includes greens such as chlorellamacaprobioticsenzymes and antioxidants. Chlorella provides healing and prevention properties while maca ensures strengthened adrenal glands and safeguards against burnout and side effects such as low quality sleep, weight gain and general fatigue. All very important aspects easily alleviated with the right choices.

Enjoy one of my favorite blends from my recent eBook the Gourmet Living Cuisine Collection. Now available for order here.

Come Bite the Green Apple Smoothie

2 crisp green apples
1/4 c fresh cilantro or handful of favorite green leafy vegetable
1 t chlorella
1 T Maca*
1/3 c raw cashews or 1 T hemp seed
2 c fresh water
4-5 ice cubes

Blend & enjoy!

*Maca is available in raw organic powder form from your local organic market. Adding a Beauty Bliss Sphere to your Smoothies will also provide you with an extra dose of Maca for guaranteed adrenal support. These spheres are available at Body Fuel Organics or via direct order by calling 306.502.0076. Place your order now to receive your Beauty Bliss Spheres in your next Organic Bin Delivery! Please call me directly for this service.

Enjoy the *Glisten Beauty Bliss Spheres as a nutritional snack any time of the day. With the additional components of spirulina, a sister green to chlorella along with the pure maca powder, these spheres are a perfect choice for sustainable energy as a morning or afternoon snack.


Also view my recent article here on Glandular Support and a Living Cuisine Lifestyle as an optimal choice in long term health and wellbeing. 

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