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13 September 2012

Building a masterpiece

If you're a cereal lover, like I am, you will appreciate the multitude of options available on the market today.

Personally, I love to start with a basic grain - in this instance puffed rice - and build a bowl full of masterpiece.

Quinoa, millet, oats and kamut are additional favorites.

And milks - who knew coconut milk was so darling paired with most everything, particularly a hearty millet.

From almond to rice, coconut to brazil nut, every nut and seed can be blended to create a frothy, rich goodness to pour atop your bowl of cereal. Think sunflower seed, hemp seed, even sesame and simply blend on high speed with water. Then strain off the pulp for the milk. Add a pinch of salt, vanilla or sweetener if so desired.

To build your cereal masterpiece you will also require a mixture of fresh and dried fruits and nuts. Here I chose dried cranberries - love 'em - pecans, dates and fresh concord grapes. I tend to create my signature blend with what inspires me in the fridge and pantry that day. This way every cereal experience is unique and all the more energizing.

It's easy to build a bowl you love and much more, to enjoy.

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