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11 April 2012

Self Described Action Plan

The last six months have seen an increase in my body weight and size of my hips and thighs. I can attribute this to many things like work related stress, lack of "movement" in the area (which can be interpreted in so many ways), hormones, stress at work, relationship stagnation, work stress and a little known thing called work related stress.

So, as a Sagitarian I look to the archer adventurer spirit, ruler of the hips and thighs and ponder my plan of action.

Last year it was stair climbing. This year I think not. My grocery bill was so high just to keep up with caloric intake of this demanding exercise. However I will consider a nice jaunt up and down my own stairs at home when finding 5 minutes to spare.

Jazzercise you say ;) As fond as I am of dancing my bootie into shape, gone are the days of working out with seniors in unitards.

Zumba is on the agenda 1 to 2 times per week. This keeps my joy level high along with my metabolism. Any more and again, the grocery bill point comes into play. I'd rather exercise moderation. Pun intended.

Agenda item #2. Meditation. Yes sitting still in profound and complete silence is both cleansing, healing, restoring and inspiring. All things I wish to experience on a regular and daily basis.

Point 3: a change in careers. Well work location for starters. I plan to move to an environment that is supportive of one's well being, joy, growth and support, healthy and supported, financial, mental and relationship rewards and an overall contribution to joy!

So my three part plan of action is thus far chalk full of greatness, inspiration to myself and (hopefully) others! As well as a hearty dose of intention to succeed and be free.

I may need your help and support in the process so good suggestion is welcome (need I remind I say "good") :)

Share the love, share your posts. I long for good anecdotes to nourish the soul.

:) in love and good humor,


  1. Hi Corinne: Sounds like a great plan!

    I also wanted to mention that I recently revitalized my home yoga practice with classes at Excellent instructors. I highly recommend it!

  2. Awesome! Thanks Janice! Yoga is now officially a part of my plan :) and yogaglo looks fantastic. I really appreciate this tip!


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