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Sara Londono Sulkin, Health as a Choice Health Coaching

24 October 2011

Vegans, Vegetarians, Green Living & Politics

Today I shared 5 minutes (4m 37s to be exact) in front of Shaw Television's cameras to express why I believe I am the "ideal candidate to represent voters" in the upcoming Saskatchewan provincial election.

Being asked to represent the Green Party as a parachute candidate for Moose Jaw North, came as an honor and I decided to contribute with the resources I have. I believe there is a quote out there that says teach what you know. And since I may know a thing or two about living a green lifestyle (heck, I do live zero waste to the best of my ability and do happen to eat the greenest diet that I know of) and although I may not know anything about the world of politics (first generation of Johnsons to step into the politcal arena), I figured if I can inspire at least one person to make a difference in their life perhaps this can make a positive impact.

My preparation consisted of inspired notes on topics that matter to me, pamphlets from other green candidates, information from the website and a fresh off the press release set of notes from the party leader's presentation this morning.

All in all what I spoke on was from my heart  in hopes of simply inspiring others to make choices in their daily lives to do that which matters, brings peace of mind, joy, a sense of wellbeing and inspires them to be involved and make a difference in their own life. For that, I believe, is where the real foundation of change begins and ultimately creates for a brighter, more vibrant, wealthy future (and present moment).

Exercise your right to vote and have your say in who represents your community on November 7th, 2011.

I wish all candidates the best of luck.

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