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Sara Londono Sulkin, Health as a Choice Health Coaching

19 October 2011

So, you think you can eat? Nutritional Series Part 1

Thankfully, our bodies are comprised of intricate functions, "doshas", energy centers, lines and meridians that work together to function optimally.

That is, our body naturally knows how to process and distribute energy.

When a "foreign" material substance or food is introduced it can set the body, and hence mind and mood, into an altered state. Ever notice when you try something new, something processed or something highly concentrated, that your mood and/or energy level may be altered for a period of time? This is your bodies way of processing the energy and attempting to distribute it to areas where it is required. If your "tank is full" so to speak, the energy has to go somehwere. In some cases it may be to increased thought processes, being more talkative, feeling the need to run, walk or get your groove on.

For a moment, think of a car. What were to happen if you put the incorrect type of fuel in the gas tank? Anyone who has put diesel in a gas engine or gas in a diesel engine knows the repercussions of this!

What about the body? What are the repercussions of adding the wrong type of fuel into it it? Do you know someone commonly hyperactive with the inability to relax and settle/calm down, or an inability to pay attention for prolonged periods of time? Perhaps a closer look into their nutritional (fuel) choices may begin to identify the strange actions or non reactions.

To address the root, simply resort to nature. What is the main source of fuel? Trees thrive on sunshine and water. This is a very simple formula. So to can humans living simpler and healthier with common sense nutritional choices.

Equally important is to take note of how what one eats and consumes affects others. Does your nutritional profile support a happy, healthy home and/or work environment. Do your eating habits support growth, creativity, community and set a good example? Do they "cut you off" and isolate you from others? Do they foster healthy relationships and build community?

Treat yourself to a quick review of what you do eat on the average day. Enjoy doing so and take note of what you eat that makes you feel great and supports the lives of those around you. Doing more of this can directly contribute to your health, wellbeing and harmony in every home.

Fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds that are hand harvested, locally grown and organic are some of natures greatest resources. Have a look in your community via farmer's markets, local grocers and organic food stores for your sources.

Enjoy a great day, a great dose of sunshine and a beautiful meal with loved ones.

Next in this series: Good Foods for Good Moods, Nutritional Series Part 2

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