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Sara Londono Sulkin, Health as a Choice Health Coaching

13 October 2011

Dexterity Skills

Something I am noticing a lot in recent weeks is the increased dexterity of my left hand, left eye and overall left body coordination with my right. For example, I am finding that using my left hand for things like eating and brushing my hair and teeth are just as easy, and feel as natural, as using my right.

I attribute this to a few things. One being that I have adopted the pratice of "tapping". You may have heard of this healing technique from leaders such as Jack Canfield, as a way to connect, balance and "smoothen" the nervous system, muscular system and overall sense of balance. Also, my nutritional profile of raw, vegan and very pure superfoods is enhancing my body's ability to adapt, shape and form in the most natural sense. Given these foods are plant based, living, enzymatic and fully alive, this makes perfect sense that on a cullular and structural level my body is creating, or rather re-creating itself with every bite of nutritional goodness.

I think of it as pouring water into a container, the water is going to flow into every nook, cranny, space and area the container allows it to. The same is said for the energy content of food. When that energy content is 100% (alive) it is utilized to its fullest. The body being the container and living foods as the water. It is efficiently and evenly dispursed.

Something else I am noticing is a greater and enhanced sense of direction, purpose and clear vision. With the left, right brain balance, there is a heightened sense of what one's most important action step is. These are interesting finds as my daily meditiations include affirmations like "I apply my wisdom", "Good things come to me", "Life is joyful, in grace and ease".... and so on.

I hope this writing shares some insight into our current changing times and inspiration into what we as humans can do to evolve into our greatest selves. Be it, serving others, the greater good, living with purpose and truly being authentic in greatest potential.

Happy sensibility!

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