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Sara Londono Sulkin, Health as a Choice Health Coaching

16 August 2011

10 Ways I Live a Greener Lifestyle

1) I eat a predominantly Vegan (raw) diet. Plant based foods require less resources to harvest and bring to our plates.

2) I walk to work.

3) I recycle everything I can, including clothing.

4) I purchase items with little to no packaging.

5) I use 100% natural personal care products. No chemicals are washed down the drain at my home unless someone else is using them.

6) I compost.

7) I have a "zero waste" lifestyle. Everything is either reused, recycled or composted.

8) I clean my home with 100% natural cleaning products and launder my clothing with natural soaps.

9) I carry my groceries in canvas bags.

10) I take time each and every day to be outdoors as much as possible. Just me - no electronics, cars, transportation in general. Just a good pair of shoes and me. It truly allows me to appreciate nature and feel connected to life. I find it very calming.

ok, one more

11) I consider the source and intention of every item I purchase. Is it to sustain life and provide joy and value for the long term?

Thank you. Please share your greener lifestyle actions...

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