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29 April 2011

Savi Seeds

Hey Everyone, great day to you!

Today I was treated with a little surprise gift of savi seeds. These little nuggets of Omega 3's are brought to use by Sequal and come in a few flavors. The ones I received are chocolate.

As I use chocolate very sparingly in my nutrition, and when I do it is truly raw cacao, this was a bit of a treat and adventure at the same time! A great way to try something new.

Now the Savi Seeds are just that, a seed. They are native to the Amazon rainforest and these ones come from sustainably & organically grown crops in partnership with indigenous Peruvian farmers. Sequel Naturals is known for their integrity and quality of ethical, fair trade and organic foods.

Sacha inchi seeds, their true name, are stated as being the richest source of Omega 3 on the planet with 13 times more than wild salmon and packed with complete protein.

The taste is quite like a nut and of course with the 70% cacao butter and cocoa powder, are quite the little treat. I must mentioned that these seeds are roasted, that is they are not raw and their molecular structure is altered from this roasting process, as any roasted nut or seed is. The coating includes organic cane sugar, also not raw, however lesser processing than white table sugar.

All in all, I give the Savi Seeds a 4/10 overall. With other raw, living Omega 3 rich foods available, I would tend to choose them over this. These seeds are more of a dessert, treat or snack for fun. For a truly hearty dose of Omega 3's that are easily and readily absorbable and digestable I recommend hemp seeds, raw sunflower seeds and even walnuts in their raw, natural state.

For anyone looking for a fun sweet treat, give them a try. For anyone looking for a nutritious, omega 3 enriched plant based food that is truly alive, enjoy the above mentioned hemp seeds and the like.

Happy seed and nut nourishment!

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