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16 March 2011

Where do you get your protein from?

Enjoying a plant based lifestyle, raw and mostly vegan for more than 4 years now (and in actuality a veggie/vegan journey that began some 10 years ago or more), I am often asked where do you get your protein from. This is a very common question for vegetarians, vegans and raw foodists alike.

With a plant-based diet, such as in a vegan or raw lifestyle, proteins come from, well, naturally plants! Nature provides a bounty of proteins which are actually a structure created from amino acids. These amino acids are naturally occurring in plants and are definitely in abundance.

My top 5 sources are:
Hemp seeds (full spectrum of 18 amino acids)
Green leafy vegetables (kale is my favorite)
kelp, sea algae, spirulina, chlorella
and occasionally bee pollen (not vegan, however can be raw and is vegetarian)

These sources provide the body with very efficient fuel and an optimum nutritional profile. All while stepping a little lighter on the planet.

With athletes, both amateur and professional, actors, health gurus, yogis and folks like me thriving on a lifestyle of pure plant based nutrition, there's something to be said for the value of this way of life.

I encourage you to try a few new greens in your daily salad or blend in a spirulina powder or fresh leaf of kale with your next morning shake. You'll be glad you did!

Feel free to post your comments and feedback below, I love to hear how others are experiencing their journey to optimum nutrition!

For a list of well known vegans, raw foodists and vegetarians, simply search "celebrity vegans" and "celebrity raw foodists" online at google. You may be surprised in your findings!

Be well!

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  1. The most annoying question I get- "where do you get your protein?" It is sad how uneducated people are about nutrition..
    Blessings, Debra
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