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Sara Londono Sulkin, Health as a Choice Health Coaching

24 February 2011

How to treat yourself well so you can do the same for others

Today I received the inspiration to write this note for everyone out there, including me, that needs a little boost of good 'ol fashioned immunity in the most healthy, environmentally friendly way.

Cheers to everyone's good health from the INSIDE, out. What good is your external world if you fill yourself with chemicals, synthetics, stimulants, caffiene, sugars, and more from the inside? Read on for a few tips to be well and bring a little balance to your life.

Looking for ways to be greener, healthier and live environmentally friendly?

It begins within you! Yep, that's right. That good 'ol saying that it starts in the home is absolutely true.
Think about it. If you're not taking care of yourself in your own home and living in an environment that you love, everytime you step outside the door, you are projecting that into the word and attracting people wanting "out". Why? Would you want to live in a toxic world? Your body knows how to communicate with you, let's listen to it for a while.

And, so, let's end the vicious cycle, everyone take a big deep breath in. And out...............

Ok, some things you're going to WANT to do and considering they feel amazing, will continue to do them as you see fit for your wellbeing.

Vitamin C is a must. 1,000mg or more per day. I am not a doctor. I speak from experience and from information given to me. Begin with this. Your body will simply flush it when it is saturated. And by Vitamin C, I don't mean running to the store to buy a synthetic pressed powder in a tablet form that tastes good because it has added sugar and ingredients you cannot pronounce and a picture of an orange on the bottle. I mean buy an orange!

Oranges, grapefruits, lemons, kale, green leafy vegetables are all good sources of Vitamin C. There are good quality effervescent Vitamin C powders available. Source out only the ones that are premium quality. Again, why bring something of substandard quality into your body. You're only sending the message to yourself that you are only worth that much and not worth the best. It really is this simple. Choose the best from the beginning and go from there. Experience how your day brings you only the best when you do.

Garlic. It is an immunity booster and red blood cell purifier. You want to build up your blood and immunity. This is the foundation of your wellbeing. Also, adaptogens and thermogenetic foods such as ginger (again, the real thing, buy the root from the store, it's easy), cumin, cinnamon, nutmeg. Your favorite natural, whole, raw (not cooked, baked, fried, processed, steamed, broiled, heated) herbs and spices are ideal for kicking our immunity into higher gear. This builds aand contributes to healthy bones, tissue, fascia, skin, brain cells, mind, mental functioning.... well, you get the idea.

Got someone in your home or environment that nixes your every desire to do these good things for yourself? One, tell them to take a hike. Literally. Anyone in your environment that isn't supporting or contributing to your wellbeing is not helping, is resisting their own wellbeing and is in some sort of denial about their own life. Nip it in the butt now and let them know, in the kindest way possible, how important this is to you, your wellbeing and the future of your enjoyment of life. Those that want it too, will be on board with you. It is important to note to not create conflict or agression. This will only create more, the opposite of what you really want. Begin in a friendly way, simply be happy with feeling good and communicate it with others around you that have an effect on your immediate surroundings, such as in your home. Let others know the benefits from this such as more time with a happier, friendly you, a cleaner home, more laughter, fun, music, joy, more time to themselves, anticipate a friendly, more loving home enviroinment. Besides, what others do and say is from their own reality not yours.

Ok, onto some more goodies for our wellbeing!

Need an elixer or cocktail for a running nose, congestion, symptoms that many get this time of year in our climate? Sip on a herbal tea with a mixture of the above. Make a room temperature salad with garlic, olive oil, radishes, ginger. Yummy spices and greens that taste great and give you a great boost. Balance this with a nice freshly juiced fruit cocktail, whole fresh fruit and some tea. Rest well that night for a full 8 hours and you will wake up in the morning with added vigor! Guaranteed.

Sleep is a must, regular and for 8 hours. The body does need this time to repair, rejuvinate and refresh. Creativity, mental functioning, cognition are all results from adequate sleep, nutrition and hydration.
A few notes on hydration as well. Yes, fresh water is important. It is also important not to over do it! Please, a healthy cell is a healthy cell. It does not want to be flushed again and again and again. Drink water for the sake of hydrating and complimenting nutritional intake. Fuel and hydrate with natural whole fresh fruits and vegetables before water unless you are in a dire need of detoxification. In that case, please consult with a naturopath, doctor and online resources for a healthy, natural, whole foods nutritional program. You can google "how to live healthy with a natural whole food diet", "how to live with more energy, vitality and wellbeing with a natural food lifestyle".

Avoid stimulants like the plague. These continually upset the adrenal glands and these glands are really happy when left to do their own thing like set your metabolic levels, work in harmony with your body thermostat, glandular functioning - thyroid, pituitary, thymus. In stimulating them with substances like caffiene, chocolate, brownies, coffee, green tea, weight loss supplements, endurance protein powders heavily laden with artificial sweeteners and fillers, you are on your way to a fast track of adrenal burn out and ultimately fatigue, suppressed immunity, generally feeling not so great.

So, what to do today? Check the pantry and fridge for foods that trigger the adrenals and upset the metabolic system. You will know the ones as you will either be triggered to eat a lot, feel a jump or jolt in your energy by seeing them or general intuition will kick in from your new understanding and tell you it's time to set them aside and fuel the body naturally.

Replenish these items with natural foods as mentioned above.

Walk, jog, rebound, dance, swim enjoy 15-20 minutes physical activity every day.

Enjoy a relaxing sleep of 8 hours every night.

Fulfill each day with activity towards your goals, activities you enjoy, balance of activity and rest with at least 3 sound meals of natural foods.

Love what you do, keep an open mind and open heart. Look on the bright side.

And repeat daily.

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