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Sara Londono Sulkin, Health as a Choice Health Coaching

29 December 2009

A new year a new you!

Here at *Glisten we know that a healthy relationship with a loved one improves all areas of our lives. The same can be said that when we have a healthy relationship with ourselves, food, friends, money, wealth, fame, etc, the other areas of our lives are also improved.

So, for your benefit, we are opening up the relationship "dance floor";) and allowing YOU to be the lead!

Enter your question below and then join me by phone on:

Tuesday, January 5th
7pm  CST

(write this down and have it by your phone for Tuesday at 7pm!)

as I interview 2 of the BEST relationship EXPERTS in their field of purposeful love and receive answers to EVERY ONE of your questions.

What a fantastic way to begin the new year....

Click below and enter your question now. All questions are confidential with you having the options of submitting "anonymously". Phone in details will be posted for your convenience.

So go on now, enter your question and trust that by taking this step you are truly bettering your life and the lives of your loved ones...


  1. How do I "open up" to receive a new partner?

  2. Building a relationship with a partner is much like growing a relationship with something else, such as food.... we feel best when they are healthy.... what are some great tips to improve my relationship with food and ultimately, my partner?

  3. I feel I am ready to meet someone new and have an idea of the qualities and characteristics of that person. The thing is, this list of qualities keeps changing. Everyday I think of something new that I'd like and things I would not like. Is this normal? :) And how will the universe know who to bring if my list keeps changing? What can I do to make it easier to meet that special person for me?


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