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"Your website is awesome and full of fabulous information. I love the recipes...when I have a little more time I'm going to go back to it and look for more info. I am interested in raw warming foods. I just have to tell you how impressed I am with all that you are doing with OnlyGreen and the natural living lifestyle....your hard work and commitment is inspiring!"

Sara Londono Sulkin, Health as a Choice Health Coaching

09 September 2009

SmoothLy new you!

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  1. Loving Greens

    4 c greens of carrot & beet tops (thank you Diane!)
    1/3 c hemp hearts & almonds
    1 T macro greens powder
    4 medjool dates
    1 c water
    4 ice cubes

  2. the Loving Greens smoothie made me feel so good, this time I tried an even greener one :) ...

    Loving Greens More

    4 c favorite greens
    1/3 c hemp hearts
    1 T macro greens powder
    4 chlorella tablets
    2 ice cubes
    1 c water

  3. Why I love My Green Sludge!

    mmmm, these smoothies get better and better every day! enjoy one for yourself, in any vegetable & fruit combination you love. You will FEEL the energy right away...

    peace, love & new green sludge...

    3 leaves kale
    5 leaves beet tops
    3 leaves carrot tops
    2 chlorella tablets
    1/2 t chlorophyll
    1/3 c hemp
    3 medjool dates
    2 cubes of ice
    1 c water

  4. It's a New Day Blend!

    3 leaves kale
    2T macro greens
    1 tablet chlorella
    1 t chlorophyll
    1 banana
    1/3 c hemp
    2 cubes ice
    1 c water

    and 4T of VegaPro for an additional kick today, although the greens are very smooth and beautiful on their own!!

  5. Oh so Fresh!

    ...these greens are getting greener :)

    1 c cilantro
    1 c spinach
    1T Vega Lemon/Lime
    1 T macro greens
    1/4 c hemp
    1 carrot
    2 chlorella tablets
    1/4 t chlorophyll
    2 cubes ice
    1 c water

  6. Greens become Reds

    4-5 leaves kale
    1 fresh beet
    1 piece of fresh ginger
    1 T fresh ground stevia leaf or powder*
    1 T wheat grass or wheat grass powder
    drops of chlorophyll
    2 c water

    Blend & enjoy! Delicious!

    *pure stevia powder is green

  7. mmMega Greens
    ...a beautiful vital life energizing blend :)

    1 T Chia Seeds :)
    1/4 T wheat grass powder
    1/4 t chlorophyll
    1/2 t spirulina
    1 t maca hemp cacao, thank you Navitas Naturals!
    1 t agave
    1 cube ice
    1/2 c water


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