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Sara Londono Sulkin, Health as a Choice Health Coaching

28 August 2009

On a Juicy Note!

Juicing is a wonderful way to incorporate beautiful nutrition into our bodies smoothly and efficiently. The energy from the juiced fruits, vegetables and grasses is absorbed very smoothly and efficiently into the body, providing energy, nourishment, vital life force, mental clarity and what I truly love, an overall euphoric feeling of pure joy!

There are several juicers on the market today and if you want to enjoy lasting change in your healthy wealthy lifestyle, may I recommend a few pointers in selecting your very own.

1) The champion of all juicers, the Champion! This juicer works gently and very efficiently to mulch the ingredients in a grinding method. Maximum efficiency in extracting all of the juice is experienced and a very fine pulp as well. Not recommended for leafy greens and grasses.

2) For the greens lover in us all, the Greenstar Juice Extractor! This juicer works very much like the Champion and also provides the added benefit of juicing grasses as well. Enjoy the nutritional value of wheat and barley grasses that you find at your local juice bar. The Greenstar allows you to juice your very own and also allows for puree'ing and grinding nut butters, creams and milks.

3) The common household juicer of juicers, the Juiceman. This is a centrifugal juicer that spins blades to separate the juice and pulp. A little more agressive in style, yet efficient in creating a nice juice. Because of the spinning action, rather than the grinding action that the other juicers apply, the quality of the juice is somewhat compromised and the enzymes are released much quicker so it is very important to drink the juice right away.

Yes, a juicer is an investment and might I say it is WELL WORTH IT! and will be with you for a lifetime! Enjoy beautiful fresh, premium quality beverages every day! Think of the opportunity cost of not purchasing a juicer for your well balanced lifestyle. Pro-activeness is the key when ensuring your highest quality lifestyle.

Enjoy yours and enjoy the shopping experience in purchasing. It always adds to the excitement and fun of trying something new! Let me know how you did :)

Joyful Abundance,

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