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"Your website is awesome and full of fabulous information. I love the recipes...when I have a little more time I'm going to go back to it and look for more info. I am interested in raw warming foods. I just have to tell you how impressed I am with all that you are doing with OnlyGreen and the natural living lifestyle....your hard work and commitment is inspiring!"

Sara Londono Sulkin, Health as a Choice Health Coaching

28 August 2009

A Gift for You!

As a special treat to all my loved ones, yes this means you!! Friends, family, clients, tweeters, facebookers and newcomers! I am so excited to be offering you my very own menu of beautiful juices...

Because I love juicing so much and LOVE the benefits this brings.... radiant glowing skin, balanced emotions, smooth energy, mental clarity, ah the list goes on... I am here to share this energy with you.

The eBook "Joyful Juicing" is all yours to enjoy and explore simply by purchasing one item via my website here. Whether it be a book, a beautiful agave nectar or a shiny new appliance for your kitchen and healthy wealthy lifestyle, I will personally send you the menu to enjoy beautiful creative blends in the kitchen. In fact, I will include a lovely beautifying elixir that has worked wonders for radiant skin, glowing energy and a balanced vibrant life force physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Here's how it works, simply shop via any one of the links on my site, try out what you have purchased and send me the raving review! I look forward to hearing from each and every one of you.

Already have Joyful Juicing? That's fantastic! You let me know which eBook you would love to include in your collection and I will send it off to you right away!

Just want the juicing recipes? Click right here.

Enjoy your new healthy wealthy lifestyle purchase!

Bye for now.

Joyful Abundance

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