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"Your website is awesome and full of fabulous information. I love the recipes...when I have a little more time I'm going to go back to it and look for more info. I am interested in raw warming foods. I just have to tell you how impressed I am with all that you are doing with OnlyGreen and the natural living lifestyle....your hard work and commitment is inspiring!"

Sara Londono Sulkin, Health as a Choice Health Coaching

15 September 2009

Truffles & more...!

100% natural, organic and local where possible, created in joyful intention of providing premium quality nourishment through enjoyable and convenient snack sized portions. A little goes a long way in the world of living cuisine. One bite provides premium quality and energy to sustain you for extended time periods. Contact me for a complimentary sample, available on delivery days, to enjoy "living" proof"!

6 pack   |   12 pack   |   24 pack

Decadent Dessert Variety Truffles | pure joy   
macadamia nut creams | cashew creams | hazelnut dreams
$10    |    $20    |     $30

Beauty Bliss Spheres | pure joy, almond butter, agave, spirulina, maca
$15    |    $25    |     $38

Breakfast Bites | pure joy, almonds, dried apricots, dried coconut
$20    |    $30    |    $50     large

Power Orbs | pure joy, almond butter, sunflower seeds, raisins, agave, spirulina, chia seeds
$10    |    $20    |     $30    minis
$20    |    $30    |     $50    large me for special orders, delivery included in pricing.

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