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28 June 2006

more than the sun

there was much more than the sun shining today. as I stepped out on the plaza for a breath or two of the summer air, I smiled at the activity around me. a young couple with their pet rabbit "honey" sitting on the grass. he, playing his guitar. she, melting into the sun and enjoying "honey's" company. to my left the patio to one of Calgary's finest restaurant's, Teatro, graced with patrons enjoying their evening sip of reds and whites. a hint of swordfish lingers in the air as one of the servers brings a couple their beautiful dinners. ahead of me, a group of boys practicing martial arts. legs raising over their heads, swinging around
to break their opponents oncoming swing. to my right, the sound of the fountains, spraying into the pool of the plaza where a young couple playfully splash each other. as I step back into the lobby, I am greeted by the sounds of yet another guitar. this time a young girl sitting in front of the Martha Cohen theatre doors, awaiting to step in and meet her peers.

yes, the sun was shining. and along with it the spirit of this beautiful community surrounding us.

and from that I decided to take my yoga class outside tonight. onto the blanket of grass neighboring those enjoying the plaza. and what a class it was.


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